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Yoga & Meditation Classes in West Sussex

If you are looking for a great place for regular yoga and meditation classes, you just found one! Choose from bespoke and private yoga and meditation classes, small group yoga classes with your friends (max 5) or practise movement and mindfulness with your child. 


Perfect location for regular sessions from Horsham, Pulborough, Henfield, Storrington, and surrounding areas. Experience outstanding yoga, meditation, and shamanic healing sessions, surrounded by nature on your doorstep.

Please call 07990 511250 or email if you have any questions.


Kim - Teacher and Shamanic Practioner

Kim Bryant is a qualified Reiki Master, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. After overcoming her own personal hurdles as a young woman she found her way through taking a special interest in how life stories and people’s deepest wounds are stored within the body. Kim focuses on how to embrace and realign by letting go of unhealthy habits and lifestyles that no longer serve us. Her purpose is to be of service to people, plants, and animals and use wisdom found in the depths and darkness, to assist others into the light. Her approach is calm, open, and gentle. Kim offers remote treatments online as well as in person in West Sussex. 


Useful Class Information

Yoga and Meditation

Our Yoga and Meditation Classes

'If you are looking for an experience that is rich yet gentle, you will find it here - a deeply kind and nurturing space awaits you, where you will step out of the eye of the storm becoming less reactive, from this place you will start to nurture a  peaceful relationship with yourself and others, creating  the life you were meant to live.'

 Yoga and Meditation Classes

Private 1:1 or Small Group (Max 5)

 If you wish to start a yoga practice but don't know where to start then these deeply considered and heart centred yoga sessions are for you. Individual sessions are gentle at all levels, meeting you where you are today, no striving or forcing into difficult postures. 

A delicious mix of slower-paced blend of sacred, heart felt yoga infused with many elements to reconnect you with your own inner guidance and a sense of peace and personal power  ~

  • Hatha and Restorative Yoga

  • Breathing techniques, tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system to ease stress and 

  •  Guided meditations infused with Shamanic Healing Wisdom 

  • A deep connection to the elements

  • Surrounded by nature and our animal friends to foster a kinder relationship with yourself. 

Perfect for yoga and meditation beginners who need personalised sessions nearby Horsham, Pulborough, Henfield, Storrington or surrounding areas.



Parent and Child Movement & Mindfulness

(45 minutes) 

Learn Mindfulness and Movement techniques through engaging activities with the emphasis on fostering a positive outlook about self and learning tools to help with: 

  • Deepening the parent/child relationship 

  • Honouring transitions such as childhood to adulthood 

  • Stress relief

  • Understanding emotions

  • Learning to self regulate 

  • Understanding how the brain and body work together in a child-friendly way 

  • Building resilience 

  • Improving self-care and making good choices 

  • Enhancing creativity and learning abilities 



'Kim has created a peaceful, healing haven which we all love going to each week. The Yoga and gentle Shamanic work Kim offers, balances and restores us as a family

and we always come away feeling like we’re floating on a cloud. 


Each class offers something slightly different, as Kim follows the children's lead and tailors the session according to how they are feeling. Kim builds our inner strength both mentally and physically with creative visualisations and movement leaving us feeling calm, happy and grounded as a result.


We couldn’t recommend Kim’s sessions highly enough, both individually and for all the family.'


Ceri - West Sussex


Mindfulness Resilience and
Wellbeing Coaching


Lee Cuddis blends the ancient art of walking and breathing techniques to create powerful personal transformations 

Please call 07990 511250 or email to book ahead of your stay or day visit. 

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