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Healing and Meditation in West Sussex

Hi, I found a way back to myself and my truth after navigating the residue of trauma during my younger years ~ including a troubled school life and lack of a sense of self loathing and shame. 

I now focus on how life experiences and people's deepest scars are stored within the body. I assist others on their own unique path only sharing practices that helped me rewrite my life and thrive after trauma.


Our childhood and traumatic events in our lives do not define us, we have an amazing capacity to flourish in the face of adversity ~ we are not delicate or broken, we are amazing and radiant beings that can create the life we desire.


I combine sacred movement, present moment awareness, mantra and the healing wisdom handed down by her Grandmother and ancestors before her, offering folks an embodied and felt experience that resonates deep within the bones ~ a remembering of ancient ways that bring about a sense of connection and stability within. 

 Techniques that offer the key to shift from ever present head spinning,  negative internal chatter into a more conscious and heart centred way of living.  

This is achieved by acknowledging pain and taking care of it by meeting ourselves with self compassion and gentleness, instead of the harsh and critical way we may have been programmed to do.


My mission is to help people, plants and animals, and to use the insights I have gained through personal practices and connecting with my ancestors and ancient wisdom of these lands. 

I offer a space which is truly heart centred and surrounded by the natural elements.  

Online and in-person remote treatments available in West Sussex.

Perfect location for regular sessions from Horsham, Pulborough, Henfield, Storrington, and surrounding areas. Experience outstanding yoga, meditation, and shamanic healing sessions, surrounded by nature on your doorstep. 

Please call 07990 511250 or email if you have any questions.


Useful Class Information

Restore Your Radiance Through Meditation, Sacred Yoga and  Healing Wisdom 

​Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You need your story to be ‘heard’ in a kind and held space

  • You feel at a crossroads in life

  • You have a longing to find joy and peace in the everyday

  • You feel an inner sadness or emptiness 

  • You have never felt quite the same after heartbreak, illness or a traumatic life event 

  • You would like to be kinder to yourself and others

Healing Wisdom Ways 

Connecting with my ancestors, the land and each direction to support others reconnect with their personal power and a deep sense of connection to their roots and the land they live upon. 

The process is only for individuals who are ready to undertake and address their wounds, release past stories and step into their power. This process works to clear attachments and the blockages that prevent us from living with ease, power and grace. 

Free 15 minute Pre-session Phone Call 

Here you will be 'heard' with kind ears and we start to shed light on what you want to shift and the process to get you there.  

Here we obtain a clearer understanding of your background, cultural programming, your wounding and how that affects your life today. Through this understanding you will see how your reactions are based on out dated operating systems that kept you safe once upon a time, but through gently acknowledging those systems and offering a kind approach rather than the critical voice that we so often use we can change the course of our lives and regain agency and power. 

'During these initial sessions we come together in the sacred space to reconnect with your life purpose and start a deeper and kinder relationship with yourself through yogic movement, ritual and ceremonial work drawing on shamanic wisdom - to heal the cultural or family  'spell' that can so often get cast unwittingly.'

Ingredients You Can Expect  ~

Ceremonies with Cacao 

Fire Ceremony to Release and Set Intentions 

Gentle, Sacred Yoga ~ Kundalini and Restorative Yoga 

Ancient Healing Wisdom 

Please call 07990 511250 or email if you have any questions.

Please call 07990 511250 or email to book



"Having never experienced Shamanic Healing before, I was a little apprehensive before my

first session however as soon as I was welcomed by Kim I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in a safe pair of hands.


The Cacao ceremony definitely feels like a link to an ancient innate voice inside and I have found the drumming and healing sessions very powerful.  I have definitely noticed a positive shift in the negative emotions that I wanted to work on.


Kim has a wonderful kindness and warmth and the energy in her yurt is so grounding and encompassing; it is a truly beautiful space.  I am excited to continue my healing journey with this amazing facilitator."

TC ~ West Sussex 

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