Festive Creativity Connection Yoga and

Wreath Making Workshop


Day Retreat:My Secret Sunday + Countryside Spa



Imagine that you are a well of energy and there is a constant withdrawal and deposit in your well. You are putting stuff out in the world that requires your energy. You are receiving stuff back from the world that fills your energy.

The problem is that often there is an imbalance in the output and input of your energy.

We are often very good at offering out love, support and care but not taught how to replenishing our energy level. The result?












…to name a few.


 You will be greeted with kindness and enjoy peace and tranquillity in countryside surroundings ~ Getting you ready for the week ahead. 


9.00 Gates open ~ Smoothie Shots and Granola Bars to settle in


9.30am All level Sacred Yoga and Meditation ~

Connect with yourself once more and the elements as I share insight into the medicine wheel of these lands. 

Experience simple breathing techniques to elicit calm and to soothe the nervous system, using gentle yoga styles including restorative yoga for deep rest and rejuvenation. No experience necessary.  


11am Walking Mindfulness Meditation ~ 

A guided, walking meditation with Lee, The Halo Method is a dance of the human spirit – a connection to Mother Earth like no other. It is a mix of the ancient way of walking and breathing to releases negative thoughts and emotions leaving a sense of calm and grace. 


Countryside Spa Facilities ~

Coot Suana Hut 

Cold Water Swimming Pond

17ft Jacuzzi 

Price ~ 


Massage Treatments with Paul or Andy our massage therapist 45 minutes £45 (bookable separately)  


Dates for 2033 TBC. Please email to be updated. 



Where Women Gather ~

Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Yoga and Fire Ceremony Women's Circles 

(2022 FULLY BOOKED)   

New 2023 Dates ~ 

January 6th 

February 5th 

March 12th 

April 6th

May 5th 

@ 7-9pm

£125 per person ~ all five ceremonies 

(4 spaces remaining) 


Cacao Ceremony, Restorative Yoga, Shamanic Drumming Journey and Fire Ceremony 


Women’s circles offer community and connection, grounding and nourishment, understanding and great wisdom. As humans we are all hard wired for connection and circles give us the opportunity to make heartfelt bonds. Women’s circles allow us a space to explore our inner worlds, learn more about ourselves and heal and grow. 

There is something really special about having a place just for you to go where you can be the authentic you, take off any masks that you are wearing, take off any armour, and put down any bags you’re carrying and connect with other women doing the same.


Bespoke Cacao Ceremonies 


Would you like to celebrate a particular life event with family or friends?


As cacao opens the heart, lifts the mood, enhances creativity and connection, it is the perfect conduit for an alternative way to celebrate or honour a moment. After a consultation, I design rituals and ceremonies especially for you. 

 Including ~ Birthing projects Coming of Age
Intention setting and letting go of outdated patterns or behaviours
Hen do’s and wedding celebrations
Family and friend unions, birthdays and memorials


Working with cacao is a way to allow people to quieten their minds and sink into their hearts; to connect to their authentic power, creativity and connection to All.  We create ceremonial circles for people to connect to their hearts and strengthen the unity.


Please allow 2/3 hours per ceremony ~ £120 (max 5 people) 



Get in the festive spirt and  join Ellasfield and Natures Healing Flowers by Dale Bryant for a truly delicious mix of heart centred yoga for all levels and wreath making workshop - all the while enjoying a warm mince pie and sipping non alcoholic mulled wine 

What to Expect ~ 

Gather * Breathe * Connect To Your Creativity

As you enter the candlelit yurt and snuggle down by the fireside you will be guided through all level breath work, yin and restorative yoga with the intention to connect with creativity and heart ready for the wreath making workshop. 

Once you are in tune with your creative spirt Dale will lead you through making your wreaths.

This is a fun and relaxed workshop with like minded folks, bring a friend or family member or come solo for a treat in Ellasfield's deeply nourishing surroundings plus the Sauna will be open too! 

Mince pies and non alcoholic mulled wine will be served mid session while you decorate your take home wreath. 

£49pp ~  email ellasfield@icloud.com to book



"I came to Kim and the 'Where Women

Gather,' as I was looking for the

opportunity to find some self care, in a

supportive environment, utilising my

love of nature and spiritual curiosity.

I instantly felt a sense of calm, as I

found my way across the beautiful

space, which is 'Ellasfield' and down

into the earth, felt yurt.

The space Kim has created is sacred,

soothing, it speaks to all the senses,

awakening the mind, body and soul.

Every detail for your comfort has been

considered, she has poured love, time

and perfection into creating this

unique space.

The hand ground cacao is 'heaven in a

cup' and this is enjoyed during the

'cacao ceremony', where Kim's

soothing voice takes us through the

expressed gratitude for this gift and

the healing benefits it offers.

She incorporates the elements,

offerings, restorative yoga and a

eclectic practices, where Kim

seamlessly pulls all of these

experiences together.

Everyone is on their journey for a

range of reasons, spiritual, health, self

care or finding themselves, however,

everyone has their own energy, which

is one of the special factors of

bringing women together and all along

facilitated by Kim.

If your looking for relaxation, a journey

to the ancestral plane, a link with the

elements and nature, some 'me time'

or a truly unique experience I would

highly recommend Ellasfield. I am

always the last to leave and feel

restored after every session, thank

you for providing and facilitating this

extraordinary experience Kim."