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Cacao With Ceremony and Women's Circles 

I hold bespoke 1:1 and small group ceremonies on significant portal days, aligning with the frequencies for healing and expansion for both your life, the group and the collective. Each is created and orchestrated for the current moment, no ceremony is ever the same and I work with an ancient medicine wheel in these lands. Your personally created ceremony experience is a magical weaving of many elements  depending on the folks gathering ~


 Cacao With Ceremony 

Gentle Fusion of Kundalini and Restorative Yoga 

Drum or Rattle  Journey


Fire Ceremony To Create Strong Intentions 


‘When we work with nature’s rhythms, we bring ourselves into alignment: finding simultaneously or strength, and openness.’

When to hold a Ceremony ~

Honouring a Particular Life Event with family or friends 

As cacao opens the heart, lifts the mood, and enhances creativity and connection, it is the perfect conduit for an alternative way to celebrate or honour a moment. After a consultation, I design rituals and ceremonies, especially for you. 

Sitting in ceremony with cacao is a way to allow people to quieten their minds and sink into their hearts; to connect to their authentic power, creativity and connection to all.  When we begin operating from our hearts, the shifts can be huge.

My solid intention is to deliver all my offerings from the heart and assist clients on their own path, bringing balance and healing using only heirloom ceremonial cacao paste ethically sourced through workers co-operative of small family farmers to chemical-free organic standards

Please allow 2/2.5 hours per ceremony ~ £120 for a max of 5 participants 


Please call 07990 511250 or email if you have any questions.


Where Women Gather 

Women's Circles

The next round starts  ~ 

November 27th 

December 21st 

January 25th 

February 24th 

March 25th 


We will start our next journey around the medicine wheel of these lands in the North where the circle ends before beginning again in the spring. Death and rebirth, letting go of the old and cultivating the soil for the way you dream things to be. Trusting in the healing wisdom of mother earth and natures capacity to support us through our commitment and truth to ourselves. 

Women make a commitment to join the group for several months; some women continue to participate year after year. During our time together we create a sacred container through ceremony, hold a talking circle, listen to a piece of music inspired by the moment, set our intentions and for Mother Earth, clear blocked energies, laugh and hug and release tears. In addition, Kim offers what has helped her navigate her personal life.

  • Deepen our connection with Mother Earth, her cycles, the energy of the directions. 

  • Enliven and empower our inner wise-woman, through accessible Kundalini and Restorative Yoga practices. 

  • Share hugs, stories and sisterhood and deep listening  that helps us grow and feel whole ~ allowing an inner knowing deep within our bones that we are never alone.

£125 - 5 Ceremonies 


"I came to Kim and the 'Where Women

Gather,' as I was looking for the

opportunity to find some self care, in a

supportive environment, utilising my

love of nature and spiritual curiosity.

I instantly felt a sense of calm, as I

found my way across the beautiful

space, which is 'Ellasfield' and down

into the earth, felt yurt.

The space Kim has created is sacred,

soothing, it speaks to all the senses,

awakening the mind, body and soul.

Every detail for your comfort has been

considered, she has poured love, time

and perfection into creating this

unique space.

The hand ground cacao is 'heaven in a

cup' and this is enjoyed during the

'cacao ceremony', where Kim's

soothing voice takes us through the

expressed gratitude for this gift and

the healing benefits it offers.

She incorporates the elements,

offerings, restorative yoga and a

eclectic practices, where Kim

seamlessly pulls all of these

experiences together.

Everyone is on their journey for a

range of reasons, spiritual, health, self

care or finding themselves, however,

everyone has their own energy, which

is one of the special factors of

bringing women together and all along

facilitated by Kim.

If your looking for relaxation, a journey

to the ancestral plane, a link with the

elements and nature, some 'me time'

or a truly unique experience I would

highly recommend Ellasfield. I am

always the last to leave and feel

restored after every session, thank

you for providing and facilitating this

extraordinary experience Kim."

Emma ~ West Sussex 

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