Yoga, Meditation & Coaching

Ellasfield offers Yoga, Meditation and Coaching stand alone sessions or guests can add a yoga class or coaching session during their stay (bookable in advance), whether you are staying for a short staycation or attending one of our longer transformative retreat packages.

Useful Class Information

Here is a little taster of what we offer...


Yoga and Meditation

What We Offer -


Monthly Yoga Membership Programme 

You will find a sense of safety here at Ellasfield, immersed in natural surroundings you will begin to change your relationship with fear, anger and stress and discover your innate place of peace and power in today's frantic world.


What's included - 

* Attend as many classes as you wish in your 4 week period (up to 16 classes) 

*Gentle all level Yoga sequences in our modern, airy yoga studio or outdoor yoga deck

* Only  £55  (that's just £13.75 per week) 

What are the sessions like - 

* Slower paced yoga flow in the Hatha tradition 

* Restorative elements

* Guided meditations and deep relaxation with yoga nidra 

* Pranayama breathing techniques that work directly with the nervous system to access a calmer state 

*Energy healing to elicit a deep sense of peace during savasana (time to relax and let the bodytake in the yoga practice at the end of each session)

*Complete each session with the sound of crystal singing bowls


10.45am Set the perfect tone for your day with gentle Pranayama, all level Yoga with Restorative elements  (40 mins)

7.30pm Shift down a gear into the evening as we drop down out of the mental chatter, letting go of daily tension with soothing Pranayama, all level Yoga and Meditation  

(60 minutes)


6.30am As the sun rises and the dawn chorus begins what could be better than setting the perfect tone for your day with gentle Pranayama and all levels Yoga (40 minutes)



10.45am Set clear intentions for the weekend and beyond with Pranayama, Gentle all levels Yoga Flow and Meditation

(60 minutes)


While you are on your staycation or getaway why not book -  

* Private 1:1 or small group Yoga and Meditation sessions

* As the sun begins to rise and the dawn chorus begins we set the tone for your day with guided meditations and/or a gentle, all level yoga practice down by the stream or in the bright and airy yoga studio 

* Sessions are guided with plenty of time for silence and space for the body to become aligned with peace and tranquility - £50 for 60 minutes 


* Come sun down take time to unwind and shift down a gear with a gentle, heart centred yoga practice plus yoga nidra - a guided meditation which takes you to a place of deep relaxation and connection with the nature surrounding you, realigning with your body's innate healing abilities, calming and soothing nervous system and aiding a better sleep  - £50 for 60 minutes 

Email to book ahead of your stay or day visit


Transformational Healing

​Do any of these questions resonate with you?

  • Do you need your story to be ‘heard’ in a kind and held space?

  • Do you feel at a crossroads in life?

  • Do you have a longing to find joy in the everyday?

  • Do you feel an inner sadness or niggling emptiness that you cant quite figure out?

  • Would you like to become friends with and be kinder to self?


Bespoke sessions to reconnect you to abundance and YOUR life purpose, clearing blocks and aligning you with the highest frequencies of prosperity and healing. 


This gift to yourself is perfect to start whilst staying here - don't worry if you cannot complete the programme while you are staying here - this programme is perfect to take back into your lives via powerful Zoom and phone support. 

What you will receive over a 4 week period

Trauma informed yoga, bespoke guided meditations, energy healing, balancing base energy centres, creating space for a deeper healing and understanding of fear, anger and stress. A safe and held space just for you. 


  • 1 x 30 minute pre programme phone call 

  • 1 x 60 minute ‘Harmonising Ritual’ drawing on natural Shamanic principles where we come together and create a healing space for the process to begin, setting intentions together, gently moving the body through kind yoga sequences, breath work and meditation. 

  • 1 x 60 minute tailor made yoga sequence to reconnect you with your body, cultivating a deeper and more compassionate relationship with self through gentle movement, breathing techniques and yoga nidra - guided deep relaxation to bring about a state of natural homeostasis that is just right for your body in that moment. 

  • 1 x Personalised yoga flow & guided meditation that will escort you back into the healing space we created together at the start of the programme - this session is recorded to enable you to reconnect to the healing energies over and over again.  

  • 2 x 30 minute support phone calls over the 4 week programme. 


Investment - £290

Email to book ahead of your stay or day visit

Mindfulness Resilience and

Wellbeing Coaching

Lee Cuddis blends the ancient art of walking and breathing techniques to create powerful personal transformations 

Investment - £60 

Please call 07990 511250 or email to book ahead of your stay or day visit.