Retreat with Horses Sussex

Do you desire to connect with your authentic power, courage, and inner wisdom?

Are you yearning to make peace with those aspects of your past life that are preventing you from truly living the life you desire?

Are you ready to tread the path that will empower you to move forward easily and with grace?

If your answer to those questions is a YES, then join other women on a retreat with horses in Sussex.

When you participate in our retreat with horses Sussex:

  • You will learn how to develop your clear communication and self-compassion styles that will empower you to express yourself and say whatever you mean to say without feeling any guilt when you speak your mind.
  • You will leave with increased clarity, determination, and self-confidence that will empower you to live bolder life and align you with your life’s meaning, purpose, and passion.
  • You will unleash your Woman Warrior to show your uniqueness and make people believe in your ability to demonstrate your heart’s deepest desires.
  • You will identify your strengths and arouse your inner courage so that you would be able to take better care of yourself even when you become frightened to take the next best course of action.
  • You will embrace your fierce determination as you move forward ahead in life and be able to create the life you desire.

Why don’t you discover how your inner energy can bring forward those things you envision in life by participating in our retreat with horses Sussex? This retreat with horses Sussex is perfectly designed to improve communication between you and your horse, lighten your spirit, calm your mind, and balance your body.

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Phone: 07990 511 250
Address: Ellasfield, West Chilington Lane,
Billingshurst, RH14 9DN


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For further information, dates and pricing for 2020 and to book your stay at Ellasfield, please contact us today.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about a retreat at Ellasfield, or to make a booking. We would be delighted to speak to you.


07990 511 250



West Chilington Lane,
Billingshurst, RH14 9DN

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