Sacred Yoga and Shamanic Wisdom  Retreats

One, Three or Five Day Retreats


Ellasfield specialises in the private retreat experience, whether you are a solo traveller or have gathered a few friends or family together for a private retreat. 

Retreats at Ellasfield take you on a journey around the ancient medicine wheel of these lands, long forgotten wisdom that will reconnect you with yourself, heal ancestral wounds and will lead you back to that ineffable spirit of life, reemerging refreshed, re-invigorated and in touch with the raw intensity and power of life. 


Ingredients ~

  • Cacao Ceremonies

  • Gentle, Sacred Yoga and Movement Practices

  • Pranayama

  • Shamanic Healing Wisdom

  • Halo Method Mindfulness Coaching 

  • Swim Spa and Private Wood Fired Hot Tubs 

  • Plant Based Full Board

  • Private Ensuite Accommodation

All Retreats in the Sussex countryside are easily accessible from London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and all surrounding areas and include daily sacred yoga ( elements of Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Nidra and Vinyasa flow) as well as deep-working meditation practice, infused with  unique guided workshops focused on the Halo Method, Shamanic Healing and Spirit Animal Journeys. Each day you will savour nourishing, fresh meals and free time to connect with nature and enjoy the many walks nearby or enjoy your hot tub, swim spa.

Investment ~


3 or 5 Day Retreat - starting from £550 per person based on two sharing, supplement for solo travellers. 

1 to 5 Day Retreats in Sussex 

Join one of our open retreat days or let us create a private retreat experience for 5+ guests. 


For over 30 years I have been gathering ancient wisdom from many philosophies and trainings such as shamanic practices, sacred yoga, cacao ceremonies, reiki healing and mindfulness. 

Sample Day Retreat Itinerary ~


Arrival 9.30 ~ Welcome Smoothies, Homemade Granola Bar and Fruits


10-11am ~ Cacao Ceremony, Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Its time to shift down a gear and arrive into this moment with cacao. She will allow you to quieten the mind and sink into your heart; to connect to your authentic power, creativity and connection to all. Each ceremony is themed differently, relating to the seasons and collective energies and connects us to working with the ancient medicine wheel of these lands.


11-12 noon ~ Halo Method Mindfulness Workshop

Wherever we walk, we can practice meditation. This means that we know that we are walking, we walk just for walking. We walk with freedom and solidity, no longer in a hurry. We are present with each step and when we wish to talk we stop our movement and give our full attention to the other person, to our words and to listening. Each step is nourishing and healing. As we walk, imprint our gratitude and our love on the earth. When this way of walking and breathing is mixed with a professional transformation coach it forms a new powerful system in self development.


12 noon ~ Lunch

A delicious soup and salad is served with bread. Homemade vegan chocolate cake and fruits for desert.


Afternoon 12-5pm ~ 'Countryside Spa'

Time to relax in our Countryside Spa surrounded by horses and nature with Paul from @Tuska71 and enjoy a massage or

dip in the cool or warm waters


*Natural Serenity Massage

(£35 booked separately on first come first serve basis depending on numbers in your party)


* Invigorating Fresh Water Swimming Pond


* Warming Swim Spa


2-3pm Meet Your Spirit Animal Guide

Meet at the tipi around the fire with Lee Cuddis where you will journey to the beat of the drum to meet with a representative of

the animal spirit world.


4-5pm Shamanic Drumming Journey

Coming close to mother earth and connecting with her heartbeat, letting the beat of the drum carry you into a sense of balance, deep relaxation and reduced stress. Studies demonstrate that even a brief drumming session can double alpha brain wave activity, dramatically reducing stress. The brain changes from beta waves (focused concentration and activity) to Alpha waves (calm and relaxed), producing feelings of euphoria and well-being.


5/6pm~ Farewells

Optional Extra ~

5/6pm Pizza Supper Experience

To bring your day to a close as the sun sets, your party will gather and cook together the fresh pizza ingredients in our Delivita pizza ovens


Investment ~

* Day Retreats ~ £130 per person

* Complete your day with a pizza supper at 5pm ~ £25 for two people sharing 

* Massage treatments with Paul are booked separately ~ £35 (time slots allocated on a first come first serve basis between 10am - 5pm)

* Gather 10 or more friends and receive a 10% discount on your Retreat experience with pizza supper


Extend Your Experience

With a 3 or 5 Day 'Shamanic Healing Wisdom' Retreat - starting from £550 per person based on two sharing or £700 for solo travellers

Why not gather 5 friends together and receive a 10% reduction on your total stay.

Please contact us for 2022 Day Retreat Dates or

gather 6 friends together and create a private day retreat just for you.

'We are very thankful for an amazing experience

during our weekend at Ellasfield. It has been lovely

to be able to connect with the nature, be close to

the animals and to experience all that Kim and Lee

had prepared for us and guided us through. We had

an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, we

have been reminded what is important and what to

pay attention to in our body and mind and

educated on what else there is that we did not

think of before. The place was full of love, we were

welcomed and taken care of but given space

at the same time. We will definitely come back as

this experience has taught us a loT.'

Beata and Joanna Bernatowicz 

KIM AND LEE were so welcoming and it was genuinely a real privilege to spend time with them, talk to them, and learn from them. two very calm, generous and kind hosts. the food was out of this world amazing vegetarian and vegan choices - from cooked breakfasts to chocolate cake - they were all delicious, nutritious and plentiful. highlights for me were an evening yoga session with kim and an early morning stretch in the peaceful yoga studioand the spirit animal meditation with lee around a cosy fire in the tipi which was just so cool on its own!

we left with huge smiles on our faces and warmed, open hearts

Emmy Happisburgh



"I came to EllasField for a personal retreat after a particularly stressful couple of years culminating in me leaving my job. On arrival I was welcomed by Kim, who simply exudes loving kindness, and I immediately relaxed. My shepherd's hut was so lovely and comfortable with a real homely feel to it and the setting is perfect - I very much enjoyed looking over the fields and watching the ponies, as well as petting the friendly pigs! I received all food and refreshments as part of the retreat and I couldn't have wanted for more - the food was nutritious, delicious, plentiful and presented with real love and care. It was delivered to my hut which added to my sense of relaxation. Healthy snacks were always available. Kim has a fantastic yurt where she led me through personally tailored meditations, yoga, shamanic healing and cacao ceremonies over 3 days. I was able to be totally myself, talk about my issues, and accept healing. I also worked with Lee, who again listened with attention to what I was experiencing and offered healing to me in the form of guided meditations and the halo mindfulness method. His sense of calm and steady confidence with no judgment enabled open dialogue and honesty and led me to new thought patterns about myself and my life. On top of all this amazing stuff, I had use of the swim spa and wood fired hot tub, so I could chill out in between healing sessions. There are beautiful countryside walks from the door and I was given time to myself to read, sit outside the hut and relax or do whatever I wanted. I can't speak highly enough of my time at EllasField - it was a real gift - thank you Kim and Lee"

Cheri ~  Sussex