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Welcome Grandfather Sun

As we just celebrated the Winter Solstice with a beautiful week of ceremonies it is a great opportunity to look forward to the return of Grandfather Sun. There is the merest hint of Spring suggested by the shoots of Snowdrops that are bravely sitting and waiting their time, despite the fullness of Winter yet to come. For me seeing them in the uncut verges and along our drive is such a symbol of optimism and new life, new ways of weaving the life we desire. Cow Parsley, or Queen Ann’s Lace, in full flower is one of the most uplifting sights in Spring, and is a valuable early food source for hoverflies and bees. And here it is now, on the winter solstice, just tiny shoots on standby.

It’s also an opportunity to look back on a busy year, welcoming lots of new friends and guests and think of our new ‘Coot Shepherds Hut’ which has a cozy bedroom with log burner, made and delivered by Nightingale Shepherds Huts.

Christmas brings on waves of nostalgia for times past; just the evocative smell of a ginger and cinnamon takes me back to being seven years old. We used to gather around the little kitchen table at my grandmother’s house in West Sussex to prepare the Christmas puddings, my job each year was to blanche and peel the almonds, of course we can now buy them already prepared! She shared her love of nature and the simple pleasures of life with me, a cup of tea by the fire and a knowing smile that touched my heart which is now the heart beat of Ellasfield, nothing ends it simply changes form.

Cosy fires, candle-light, a good coffee and a comfy chair are all conducive to some wonderful down time. In amongst the ever changing times we find ourselves living through, a warm shepherd’s hut, the hot tub stove lit and some quiet time to reconnect with ourselves with love and compassion is what we all need. While you take time to retreat with gentle sacred yoga, shamanic healing wisdom and the ancient form of mindfulness meditation to shift your mindset from

lack to abundance you are restoring your power and recharging for the year ahead, coming away with tools for life.

To all our subscribers, customers, suppliers and friends we want to wish you as wonderful a festive season as can be and we look forward to sharing with you the latest Ellasfield news throughout the next year.

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