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Did you know you can come together with loved ones for a private cacao ceremony?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

There is a new way to celebrate special events in your life and mark significant birthdays—one where experience and heart connection with your loved ones supersede the superficial and material gifts that hold no real meaning or lasting impression.

When you gift your loved one a Bespoke Cacao Ceremony with an overnight stay at Ellasfield, you will share an extraordinary experience that will bring alive the senses as you gather in the candlelit yurt and connect you to your heart with the soothing plant medicine of cacao that brings balance and a sense of peace.

In these times of fast-paced living, this is a real chance to step out of the chaos into a magical place where time stands still.

Honouring a particular life event with family or friends with cacao opens the heart, lifts the mood and enhances creativity and connection. It is the perfect conduit for an alternative way to celebrate or honour a moment.

After a phone chat, I can design ceremonies, especially for you and your guests.

When to hold your ceremony:

Couples Ceremonies

Birthing New Projects

Coming of Age

Intention Setting and Letting Go of Outdated Patterns or Behaviours

Hen and Wedding Celebrations

Family and Friend Unions, Birthdays and Memorials

Each is created and orchestrated for the current moment. No ceremony is ever the same, and I work with an ancient medicine wheel in these lands. Your personally created ceremony experience is a magical weaving of many elements.

‘When we work with nature’s rhythms, we bring ourselves into alignment, finding simultaneously our strength and openness.’

Working with cacao allows people to quiet their minds and sink into their hearts, allowing them to reconnect with their authentic power, creativity, and connection to all. When we begin operating from our hearts, the shifts can be huge.

I create ceremonial circles for people to connect to their hearts and strengthen the unity of being human; release pain and limitations; and rediscover their inner passion, compassion, wisdom, and clarity.

Each ceremony is themed differently, relating to the seasons and collective energies and connecting us to working with the ancient medicine wheel of these lands.

There is a reason people all over the world love chocolate, and it isn’t just the taste. Chocolate doesn’t touch the sides of the experience you can embody when working with ceremonial grade cacao, which is heightened within the ceremony.

Cacao ceremonies have been held for thousands of years to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Depending on the dosage and where you are at, each time you drink you can gain more insight into the power of this beautiful plant. You can release, heal, and gain new perspectives as you move from energised to tender.

My solid intention is to deliver all my offerings from the heart and assist clients on their own path, bringing balance and healing using only heirloom ceremonial cacao paste ethically sourced through worker co-operatives of small family farmers to chemical-free organic standards.

A Birthday or Special Event Cacao Ceremony with Overnight Stay

Day One

4pm Arrival and Check In ~

Robin's Shepherds Hut with a Private Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Homemade Birthday Cake or Brownies with Berries

Use Of Spa Facilities:


Swim Pond (cold water)

Swim Spa

6pm - 8pm Cacao Ceremony

8.30pm Pizza Supper

8.30pm Private Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Day Two

7:30 - 9am Home Cooked Breakfast

Choose From One Of The Following Options:

11am Mindfulness Session With Lee Cuddis - Guided, walking meditation with Lee, The Halo Method is a connection to Mother Earth like no other. One which quickly releases negative thoughts and emotions will be guided into the walking technique.

£120 (max 5 people)


Shamanic Healing Wisdom Journey - Staying close to mother earth, it’s time to relax and let the beat of the drum carry you to meet with your animal spirit guide, reconnect with your intuitive senses, creativity, and joy—the truth of who you are.

£120 (5 people max)


Two Hours of Spa Facility Use

(Massage treatments can be booked separately for £45)

11am We ask guests to check out, but we can store luggage if using our facilities

Total £665 ~ 2 people sharing

Extra person ~ £332 up to a maximum of 8 per party

*This offer is available Sunday to Thursday

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