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Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance and Shamanic Drumming Journey

August 7th 2-5pm

* Cacao Ceremony ~ to help release emotional blockages, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck, or afraid of making necessary life changes.

* Ecstatic Dance is a sacred, healing practice and we honour the space and experience with reverence and will be held by Anna Lisa Drew @anna.lisa.drew

* Shamanic Drumming journey ~ bring a blanket and socks then snuggle down close to Mother Earth and access inner wisdom and relaxation.

We will use silent disco style headphones to facilitate people taking time out for themselves in more private parts of the paddock or to sit by the oak tree and not to create noise pollution.

£35 per person

Day Retreat: My Secret Sunday + Wild Spa

August 14th 9.30-5.30pm

A special day just for you, full of nourishing ingredients ~ cacao ceremony, meditation and Halo method mindfulness with @walkwithme followed by a nourishing lunch, then relax in our Countryside Spa surrounded by horses and nature with @Tuska71 for treatments such as ~

‘Wild Flower Foot Spa' or ‘Water Pond Body Scrub’ or experience a Shamanic Drumming Journey in the yurt and let the drum carry you back to a sense of balance, deep relaxation and reduced stress or meet with your animal spirit guide with Lee Cuddis at the tipi.

£124 per person

(full schedule tbc)

Would You Like To Extend Your Experience?

3 or 5 Day Bespoke Retreats

Sacred Yoga, Meditation, Ceremony and

Shamanic Healing Wisdom

Vegan Full Board

Natural Swimming Pond

Heated Swim Spa

Personal Wood Fired Hot Tubs

3 day £550 per person based on two sharing

5 day £916 per person based on two sharing

(Supplement for sole occupancy)

Why not gather 5 friends and receive a 10% discount on the total cost of your stay

Women’s Circles

Cacao Ceremony, Restorative Yoga, Shamanic Drumming Journey


September 10th

October 9th

November 8th

December 8th

Women’s circles offer community and connection, grounding and nourishment, understanding and great wisdom. As humans we are all hard wired for connection and circles give us the opportunity to make heartfelt bonds. Women’s circles allow us a space to explore our inner worlds, learn more about ourselves and heal and grow.

There is something really special about having a place just for you to go where you can be the authentic you, take off any masks that you are wearing, take off any armour, and put down any bags you’re carrying and connect with other women doing the same. 4 Ceremonies £80

(6 places remaining)

Bespoke Cacao Ceremonies

Would you like to celebrate a particular life event with family or friends?

As cacao opens the heart, lifts the mood, enhances creativity and connection, it is the perfect conduit for an alternative way to celebrate or honour a moment. After a consultation, I design rituals and ceremonies especially for you.

Including ~ Birthing projects Coming of Age Intention setting and letting go of outdated patterns or behaviours Hen do’s and wedding celebrations Family and friend unions, birthdays and memorials

Working with cacao is a way to allow people to quieten their minds and sink into their hearts; to connect to their authentic power, creativity and connection to All. I create ceremonial circles for people to connect to their hearts and strengthen the unity of being human, release pain and limitations, and rediscover their inner passion, compassion, wisdom and clarity.

Please allow 2/2.5 hours per ceremony

£120 for a max of 5 participants

email ~ or call 07990 511250 to book your place or for more information

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