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"The readiness is all."

William Shakespeare

Like an arrow flying towards a target, setting an intention activates not only your innate healing capacity but also shows your commitment to meeting spirit halfway.

You choose to heal.

By stating your intention out loud, the invisible realms hear your call.

As Joseph Campbell perfectly said ~

"Follow your bliss, and doors will open for where you would not have thought there were going to be doors and where there wouldn’t be a door for anybody else. There is something about the integrity of a life and the world moves in and helps."

Secondly, forge a deeper connection to nature and the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. This can be done by giving offerings as a way of showing our respect and gratitude, a simple way of saying hello… They are a way for us to build and maintain a relationship with the gods, spirits, and ancestors.

Just as when we arrive at a friend's house for dinner, we may bring a small gift and wait to be welcomed into their house, so it is true when we walk through a forest ~ we don’t barge through, stomping all over the place, without first knocking at the door and asking to come in!

As we walk through the forest, we start to recognise the deep symbiotic relationship we have with our Mother Earth. We then naturally wish to care for the planet, and, in doing so, we learn also to care for ourselves.

If you are seeking to forge deeper relationships and meaning to it all, I would love to share what I've gathered across thirty years of traversing the mountains and the valleys of our emotional range.

Let your body and nature lead you back to the truth of who you are, let your actions serve your souls purpose once more.

I always happy to book in a chat to enable you to feel if Ellasfield is the right place for you ~

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