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Are you too embarrassed, self conscious or fearful to dance public?

Updated: May 24, 2022

I certainly was until I attended a beautiful ecstatic dance event a few weeks ago held by Anna Lisa Drew which has been one of the biggest liberating gifts to myself, totally changing the way I feel around dancing in public.

I truly see and feel you, for those of us that have been through traumatic times we can feel frozen, fearful and racked full of self consciousness, but believe me when I say I’ve created a gentle and caring space to offer all of us that yearn to move and be free a place to do so in your own time, in your own way moment by moment.

Nourished by cacao and ecstatic dance surrounded by horses and nature we move, connect and heal to deep tribal beats and sacred music. If there is a burning desire deep inside to move and be free, perhaps now is the time.........

You are invited to enjoy mama cacao and dance surrounded by horses and nature with a group of fun, friendly and heart centred folks.

Coming together in ceremony to enjoy the delicious heart healing plant medicine of Cacao, then ease into the alchemy of cacao and ecstatic dance connecting us with our bodies as we move, stretch and enjoy the rhythms of great music that inspire us to awaken our physical senses, heal our body, soothe our emotional and mental fields and connect with the vibrancy of life within and around us.

* Cacao is a powerful Plant Medicine that helps us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck, or afraid of making necessary life changes. Its Greek name Theobroma Cacao literally means 'Food of the Gods, Thea (god) Broma (food), with the Maya word Ka'kau!

* Ecstatic Dance is a sacred, healing practice and we honour the space and experience with reverence and will be held by Anna Lisa Drew @anna.lisa.drew

You do not have to feel 'ecstatic' to join, but be open to surrendering to what is alive within you in the moment and practice being with that.

* The afternoon will close with Shamanic Drumming a journey, bring a blanket and socks then snuggle down close to Mother Earth ~ Science tells us that when we listen to the steady beat of a drum at 120 to 130 beats per minute we drop into ‘Theta’ state entering into a light, aware trance much like lucid dreaming. Your inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment and the unseen realms to access inner wisdom and relaxation.

Everything here is an invitation, a space to do what feels right for you ~ we will use silent disco style headphones to facilitate people taking time out for themselves in more private parts of the paddock or to sit by the oak tree and not to create noise pollution.

This dance is held at Ellasfield Retreat Centre, a small family run business that offers bespoke retreats, 1:1 yoga, meditation and healing.

Bring ~ blanket, socks, light layers as event outdoors, water bottle and an open heart ❤️

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