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We awoke to the many pranks delivered by our 9 year old son which included cling film, moving most of our furniture out of the kitchen, a wheelchair with a mannequin sitting aboard with a carrot around its neck….don’t ask!

After all this frivolity and welcoming a client for a healing the rest of the day quickly descended into utter chaos due to the fact River made a monumental decision to move back into his bedroom after spending the best part of his 9 years Co-sleeping with me (big gulp and deep breath for me!)

Now all his bedroom furniture moved, toys in situ and hoover back in the cupboard I sit down with a Great Dane by my side and reflect on the origins of this thing called ‘April Fools’ day which I felt swept through our home today.

People would celebrate Loki around this time of year in order to celebrate the idea of new beginnings and change and to honour the necessity and growth that is achieved through change.

Loki was known to be a trickster God and a shapeshifter. At times he would work alongside the other Gods and Goddesses and other times he would rebel. It was anyone’s guess as to the type of mischief or support Loki would bring.

Loki was not a very trustworthy God, but most necessary for change. Loki was believed to be the God that brought the chaos before a big change or new beginning.

Change is a positive thing, and the havoc and shenanigans brought before the change was believed to be the doing of Loki.

While there is no hard and fast proof that April Fool’s Day is the celebration of Loki, the energy of all of this sure seems to make sense.

Equinox is a time of new beginnings, and I know some of the community here have been feeling this sense of chaos, if you have been feeling like the Universe has been playing a joke on you over the last few weeks, perhaps take a moment to honor Loki and the winds of change.

We offer a space to gather with likeminded folks, a place just for you to come as you are and explore why you feel the way you do and be deeply listened to without judgement.

Messge me to reserve your space on the next round of 'Where Women Gather' Cacao and Fire Ceremonies' starting this July.


July 3rd

August 1st 

August 28th

September 29th

October 28th

Or gather a few friends and experience a bespoke cermony designed just for you.

Email Kim for further information ~

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