Mindfulness Retreat South East

You probably have learnt mindfulness from lectures or books. But in the real sense, mindfulness is actually an experience. You can’t grasp mindfulness intellectually because mindfulness is not a belief or a theory but a state of being.

It is an intensified state of alertness that enables your mind to go quiet. At this stage, you can rest from your head dramas, your worries, your problems, your constant mental chatter, and get on with the very pertinent issues of enjoying your life. Mindfulness has to do with direct experience and practice and this is exactly what the Ellasfield mindfulness retreat South East is all about, you will be taught everything you need to know to practice mindfulness. More so, you will get to experience the true nature of mindfulness l and live it for an extended period.

The Ellasfield mindfulness retreat South East is meant to help you maintain your mindfulness for as long as you desire – from a day to 28 days. The retreat will teach you more about mindfulness than any lecture, book, or mobile app. At Ellasfield, we have a team of well-experienced mindfulness specialists who can help you to keep your mindfulness in between the classes.

Whether you want to take part in mindfulness to achieve spiritual enlightenment, improve your well-being, tackle illness, relieve depression, or ease stress, whether you are a mindfulness beginner or master, our mindfulness retreat South East is perfect for you.

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07990 511 250




West Chilington Lane,
Billingshurst, RH14 9DN

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