Meditation Retreat in Sussex

Take a few days out to abandon the stress due to busy lifestyles. Meditation Retreat in Sussex is the time ONLY for you. Just spend some time to escape, unwind and relax. It is highly essential to detox both your mind and body by exploring mindfulness meditation and doing yoga practice to attain harmony with yourself.

Over the weekend, we’ll let you explore secret spaces to escape and also lose inner chatter of busy lifestyles. Not only meditation, the yoga classes at Ellasfield will make you instantly feel at peace. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or beginner, you’ll enjoy nourishing practice in a food whilst surrounded by picturesque setting.

Go on – we dare you! Experience the tranquillity to learn to meditate on the natural breath. Here, you’ll get to learn about what is “well-being” exactly. Whatever it means to you, go by yourself, and cope up with everyday stresses.

Here, you’ll make the most out of your weekend and reconnect while the stresses of city life melts away. We can bet you’ll leave ecstatically refreshed and enjoy some escape from being crammed on a crowded tube.

So, what are you waiting for? Go off the grid with meditation retreat in Sussex by Ellasfield. It is a comfy kind of eco-friendly experience. Call us at 07990 511 250 or email us at now!

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Phone: 07990 511 250
Address: Ellasfield, West Chilington Lane,
Billingshurst, RH14 9DN


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For further information, dates and pricing for 2020 and to book your stay at Ellasfield, please contact us today.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about a retreat at Ellasfield, or to make a booking. We would be delighted to speak to you.


07990 511 250



West Chilington Lane,
Billingshurst, RH14 9DN

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